19 Ekim 2010 Salı

veeeeeeee izlediğim filmler arasında en sevdiğim diyalog Some Like It Hot'dan budur efenim...
Jack Lemmon'a tapılırrr,evat!!!

jerry: have i got things to tell you!
joe: what happened?
jerry: i'm engaged.
joe: congratulations. who's the lucky girl?
jerry: i am!
joe: what?
jerry: osgood proposed to me. we're planning a june wedding.
joe: what are you talking about? you can't marry osgood.
jerry: you think he's too old for me?
joe: jerry! you can't be serious!
jerry: why not? he keeps marrying girls all the time!
joe: but you're not a girl. you're a guy! and why would a guy want to marry a guy?
jerry: security.
joe: jerry, you'd better lie down. you're not doing well.
jerry: look, stop treating me like a child. i'm not stupid. i know there's a problem.
joe: i'll say there is!
jerry: his mother - we need her approval. but i'm not worried - because i don't smoke.
joe: jerry - there's another problem.
jerry: like what?
joe: like what are you going to do on your honeymoon?
jerry: we've been discussing that. he wants to go to the riviera - but i sort of lean toward niagara falls.
joe: you're out of your mind! how can you get away with this?
jerry: oh, i don't expect it to last. i'll tell him the truth when the time comes.
joe: like when?
jerry: like right after the ceremony.
joe: oh.
jerry: then we'll get a quick annulment - he'll make a nice settlement on me - i'll have those alimony checks coming in every month -
joe: jerry, listen to me - there are laws -conventions - it's just not being done!
jerry: but joe - this may be my last chance to marry a millionaire!
joe: look, jerry - take my advice - forget the whole thing - just keep telling yourself you're a boy!
jerry: i'm a boy - i'm a boy - i wish i were dead - i'm a boy - i'm a boy - what am i going to do about my engagement present?
joe: what engagement present?
jerry: he gave me this bracelet.
joe: hey - these are real diamonds.
jerry: naturally. you think my fiance is a bum? now i guess i'll have to give it back.

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